Reports - Notes

On the generate tab you can now choose to add the result set to a group. You can also add them to a work queue.


We've completely rebuilt the receipt engine to provide better consistency. In theory you wont notce any changes other than at every place where receipts are previewed, viewed or downloaded, they look the same!

Updated 27th

Custom fields

For text fields, there is now the ability to choose to have that field encrypted. This means the data will be encrypted in a different way that everything else is encrypted. Its available so you can store data that is required to keep separate from the individuals they are connected.

Added 19th

Finance - receipts

This now allows you to have a cut-off date. This means infoodle will present to you a list of transactions up to the end of the specified month regardless of whether there are more transactions after this date. This means you can provide receipts for specific periods. In general this will be end of the financial year.

Note: infoodle remembers these settings, so if you come into this screen and no data is there - check this date!

Sorting is available. This currently exposes the sort features that were there before to enable you more easily to find records you are looking for. This is also available on the printed receipts so you can sort by receipt number for instance.

Updated 17th

Finance - reconcile

If you have campaigns setup in infoode : if you are reconciling a non-xero batch or your tracking categories are not connected to campaigns, then you are presented with the choice per transaction to choose a campaign for this transaction. This information is remembered too, so when you are presented with a match next time, the campaign is included.

The title banner of the batch is duplicated at the bottom of the screen to give you quicker access to the 'reconcile all' if you have a longer batch.

Address formats - US

We've adjusted the address format output for US customers so is shows as "city, state zip" on one line.

Updated 14th

Payment forms - Stripe.

We've done some tweaks to the forms when you are taken to the payment form to improve the sizing of the page. We've also replaced the way we processed the stripe payments to ensure we are using the best PCI compliant methods.

Letters & Receipt personalisations

We've added two more personalisation options for the letters and receipts

{emailaddress} This enables you to print out peoples email address. Note that when there are multiple people to whom the letter/receipt is addressed to, it will only choose the first person.

{transaction note} When you are issuing a receipt for a single transaction you can output the coding. This personalisation adds the ability to output the note that you can add to transactions when entering them manually.

Updated 9th

Check in - software updates

We've simplified the process of ensuring your check in label printing software is kept up to date and ensured you are given notice of the fact that an update needs applying. An update is required to be completed prior to 27th August 2017 otherwise your label server will stop printing labels.

Updated 4th

People - Search - by address
This address search will now search (and show) the city. Before it would only search by address lines 1 and 2

Finance - Xero - UK
There are 2 options for how you may want infoodle to process incoming transactions from xero. The xero/setup/transaction settings screen has been updated to allow you to select how you want infoodle to operate. When you only have gift aid, infoodle takes care of all the reconciliation. If you have the finance module, you may want to instruct infoodle on how you want transactions processed with more information added via our reconcile screens.

Added 1st

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