Scheduled reports

The total number of records that are contained within the attached report is now shown in the text of the email sent to the user.

Updated 18th

Xero - "spend" transactions

These are now being correctly processed within infoodle as negative value transactions.


We've added more personalisations and control of those personalisation to be available on statements. opening and closing balances specifically. More details on the personalisations page.

Email - inbox

The performance of this screen has been improved significantly and includes paging


The information on contacts who have roles allocated to them has been expanded so you can see the date and times of their login activity, or activity on the site.


The custom field data is now available via our API. See the people item documentation for more info.

Updated 17th

Completed To Do's

The layout has been improved to include more details about the todo - specifically who and when created and who and when it was completed. This was there before but not as clear.

Updated 11th


Icons have been added beside peoples names to identify if they can be emailed or texted.

Added 7th


The layout of the reports has been rebuilt to improve the presentation of the transaction and pledge data in particular:

1. the 'dashes' have gone so the first line of transaction or pledge data is shown on the same line as the persons data

2. the 2nd and subsequent lines of finance data is output along with the repeat of the persons data, apart from the 'link' column

3. Totals for all currency amounts and numbers are totaled at the end of each page, noting that the total is for that page unless you 'show all' or output to excel or csv.

Updated 6th

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