Asset report now has Asset ID as a criteria

Pledge v Actual report now has Group type as a filter


Updates have been applied to enable processing of invoices that have been paid by different bank accounts, and using bank deposit method as one or all of these payments

Added 27th

Forms - Amount, show as buttons

There is a new option when adding an 'Amount' field to your form - Display Format. There are two options, either Dropdown which presents a drop down item with the available amounts, or Buttons which shows as clickable buttons. More information is shown here.

Added 5th

Personalisations - UK

- For UK sites you can now access the House name/number - and the address line as separate fields.

Added 3rd


- You can now do refunds directly through infoodle
- You can edit all the contact details of your customers
- The ezidebit portal will be read-only for your access other than for business names

Added 2nd

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