We've made an adjustment to clarify the notes creating and editing dates and times. The updated functionality is that the creation date is always the date it was actually created, it previously was based on the date you entered in the screen, therefore if you pick a future or past date for the note, your create date and date of note will be different. Also, when you pick a future or past date, the time will be set to midnight at the start of the day. Previously it was using the current time which caused a bit of confusion, particularly for future dates and lists.


We've removed the facebook login from the login and settings screens. As it was not being used.

Updated 31st


If you do not have edit access to an event you are now able to view the details of it - in read-only mode. This is available in the calendar view by clicking on it, or in the list view by clicking on the 'eye'.

Added 27th 

Form entries

Whilst using the reCapcha option on a form is the best way to stop spam - some still get through, or reCaptcha may not be the right approach for you. We've dipped our toe in identifying spam based on some patterns we are seeing. You are alerted to this by the notification email stating as such - and the form list screen will show a warning


and the reason infoodle thinks its spam along with the option to delete the form without viewing it.




We've added the tag of accode to be able to add the account code to the receipts (not just the description of the code).


We've added DL and DLE as page sizes. These are envelopes, so if you want to print addresses directly to envelopes you can. infoodle will rotate the text as is required so be sure to get the Header and Left values correct. Good starting values are Header = 20, Left = 90.


Added 20th

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