Finance - Person page

On the finance tab of the persons page, there is an additional tab. This shows the 'donor analysis'. There are 2 purposes:

a) for donors, it shows your regular donations graphically, totals donated and whether they are missing.

b) for those receiving income, it shows the people who are giving your income, i.e. who your regular donors are.

More information on the donor analysis is found here.

Added 21st

Collective transactions

[Available in finance with fundraising view enabled] Collective transactions are those where by one person presents the payment/donation on behalf of others. This has been available in the 'add transaction' screen for a while. We're now showing this information on the persons page. It appears on the individual finance summary (this year and lifetime totals they have presented) and the finance tab itself shows the detail and breaks this down to the individual transactions. Likewise for a person whose payment was part of a collective transaction, the wording is now changed to have " presented by xyz person".

Added 11th


our mailchimp integration has been overhauled. This is so that the passing of data to mailchimp is managed better, and you can now receive changes from mailchimp. Lastly you can make changes to peoples subscriptions directly without the need for a workflow.

Texting - twilio

We've updated the twilio integration to the latest version. This requires a change to the parameters you supply to twilio as defined in infoodle - administration / system / text gateway settings.

Added 7th


- navigation

We want to ensure infoodle is easy to use. A key part is ensuring you can access the pages and functions you need. To that end we have streamlined the menus that were scattered around the persons page - both within, and to the right of the page. Some were behind icons, some on menus. These are now all simplified under the same menu item available at the start of the tab area. See Person function menu for more info. You can also personalise your tabs so you always have the functions you use often to hand.

- one person in multiple households

It is now possible to include a person into multiple households (or organisations).See here for more information on how this works.

Help - forum

We were using a 3rd party service to assist us with this - however this has closed down. We've updated this link to be more usable, and its working again (it had stopped working for a few days).

Added 3rd

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