Pledge drive

These drives are now available to choose (when setup from the campaign / pledge drive screen) in the Pledge vs Actual screen a form and reports both as a criteria and as a field you can output.

Ezidebit errors

When processing ezidebit payments errors can occur. We've surfaced the errors for you to be able to process e.g. the donor has cancelled the direct debit in the bank, but infoodle hasnt been updated to stop asking for those payments. Clicking finance/payment methods/review errors takes you to this new screen. You are provided with a few options depending on the error, and a button to clear the error which tells infoodle you have processed it.

Added 20th

Finance - xero Journals

For those who are connected to xero, you can now create journals within infoodle that used to create transaction entries in infoodle and a manual journal entry in xero. Simply identify the account codes that you want to "Use in journal" and in the transactions menu click Journal to start adding journals. creating blank journals helps when you need to reallocate 'pots' of money that are sat in one account code and distribute to other account codes and/or tracking categories.

Rosters - download

The CSV and Excel downloads have been tidied a little, with the Day of the week added to the headings and column layouts.


The checkin screen now shows the event you are checking in

Google calendar options

A google calendar showing public holidays is embedded into your sites calendar by default based on the country you have set as your default in System/People. You can now choose other calendars, or remove them altogether in the System/Date and Time page.

Reports - CSV output

This has been changed so that the currency fields are output as simple numbers i.e. no currency symbol or commas. This eases the integration with other systems.

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