Forms - Pay Processing Fee

You are now able to add to a form a special field which gives a range of options to enable you to offer the donor the ability to increase their donation to cover the payment gateway fee.

Workflow - Cascading workflows

You can now extend a workflow so that a step of a workflow can be to go to another workflow. This will therefore be the trigger for the new workflow (i.e. infoodle does not check the triggers of the linked workflow)

Added 27th

Pledge Drive

Transactions can now be identified and reported on by pledge drive

Added 19th

Xero Imported data - Xero contacts

The ability to view those contacts that have been matched already and adjust - is now possible.

Added 18th


3 new criteria have been added

Finance Reports

- Transaction Payment Method e.g. Cheque, Automatic Payment, Cash etc.

People Notes

- Colour code

- Lock to Top

Added 10th


When moving or editing groups the group type is checked and the group being moved and its children are updated to reflect the parent group.

Updated 9th


Payment Gateways

We have released two new payment methods:

- GoCardless.

This is supported in a range of countries and enables you to take direct debits. See here for more details.


This enables customers in the USA and Canada to process ACH. We have chosen to implement ACH through the Stripe payment gateway in conjunction with Plaid. For more information see their website -

Payment methods


There are new fields available for Stripe, Stripe + Plaid and GoCardless. These relates to the ability to create receive money transactions in xero.

Payout processing

For Stripe, ACH and GoCardless, infoodle obtains the information about a payout. This information becomes available via a new menu item under the finance/banking screen - 'Payouts'.

From the Payouts screen you can reconcile the transactions associated with the payout.

Lastly, once reconciled, you are able to create a receive money transaction in xero. This will create 2 receive money transactions, one for the fees and one for the payments. The one for the payments will contain a breakdown of the amounts, forms and people it relates to.

See here for more details.


The stripe integration has been updated to utilise the latest version of integration. Included in this is SCA compliant calls - specifically enabling the user to perform their multi-factor authentication should the banks require it. This has meant a new screen to capture the details securely.

Read more about SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) from the Stripe site here.

Updated 9th

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