Giving numbers

You can now choose to auto create these numbers as you add new people. You can also choose whether they are editable at all.

Xero reconcile

The account number field in xero can be set to a giving number. When a transaction appears for a giving number then infoodle can match the transaction contact based on matching the giving number with the account number field. This is after a check is made on the xero contact (and the xero tracking category contacts if applicable) and only if there is no match still, is this method used.


The 'name' field can now include the 'Middlename' as well as other fields depending on what option you choose.


- When ever a change is made to a persons roster position, this is logged.
- If changes have been made a new icon appears (notify changes) at the top of the specific group that the change has been made for, also the groups tab on the left has 'notify changes...' added.
- Clicking on the notify changes icon presents a list of the changes and allows you to either email them, and/or mark them as being notified (you may make a change and not want to notify).

- When first showing the screen and there are more events than can fit on the screen, you are taken to the next event date automatically. In addition there is a text on the far right "next event" which takes you to the same next event.
- To the right of the column of positions there is a '<' icon shown when there are events available prior to the next one shown.
- Events that are in the past now have their event title shaded
- Quick message. Clicking on a persons status icon allows you to change their status, but also send a quick message either by text or email.

Updated 23


When adding a new roster, you now need 'add event' permission in your role before you can continue with a roster for a new event.


We've extended the login support such that frequent invalid username / password combinations will now trigger a 'recaptcha' tick box to check you are a human!

Updated 19th


Attendance report:
- You can now use preset date ranges e.g. past week
- You can now save these reports. They are added to the list of reports on the left hand menu
- Once saved, you can schedule the report to be run regularly and email the results to you.

Reports - Organisation contact

Clicking 'criteria', there is a new criteria available "Organisation contact". This enables you to restrict your results to the organisation contact, or exclude them.


There is a new trigger for a workflow - 'Manually added'. You can include this in addition to your other triggers for a specific workflow. This means you control which workflows you want uses to be able to trigger manually.


- From the persons 'cog' menu, you can now 'Add to workflow'. This is available when you are able to edit the persons contact you are on. The list of available workflows are those that include 'Manually added' as a trigger.

Updated 12th

People - Add

If you have the ability to edit giving numbers in your role, then when using the add person screen you can now add the giving number.

Finance - Gift aid

- For a transaction to be claimable, the account code that the transaction is connected to must be set to 'tax reclaimable' in Finance / Account codes.
- Also, for the transaction type and it must not be an 'in-kind' transactions
- The screen which shows 'not claimable' transactions has had a 'reason' added to the transaction so you can see why infoodle has not included it.

Updated 6th

Forms - Amounts

You can now have a list of amounts available to choose from with a description such as types of memberships. e.g. $20 Junior, $30 Intermediate, $40 Senior. You do this by using the comma separated field like this 20/$20 Junior, 30/$30 Intermediate, 40/$40 Senior. Its the / that separates the value used by infoodle from the text that the user sees.

Updated 5th

Report - financials

The output of financial details has been updated.

- You can now select all fields of the transaction to output - and these now list the details of the transactions as a list, not a total on a single line as previously

- The selection of transaction data used to act as a criteria, this is no longer the case, they are additional fields to the criteria selected on the criteria tab. e.g. list everyone in a group by using criteria, then show the transaction data for those that have any. Previously this would be limited to people who have transaction data only.

updated 4th

Donor Analysis

You can now forecast the pledged and calculated data to get your total projected income for the year.

Updated 3rd

Rosters - Event notes

When you are in a roster, you can click on an item and the event tab on the left becomes available. This event tab now shows the event planning notes. If you are marked as 'responsible' for the event (on the event screen) then you are able to edit these notes.

You can also see this information on the 'my roster' page when clicking on an event.

Updated 2nd

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