- 4 Weekly is now an available recurring option.
- The calendar and list view now scroll within the window leaving the header area accessible.
- There is a new 'max view' link which hides most of the header area for a bigger view of the calendar

Updated 23rd

Statement import

- The CSV financial statement import can now import tracking categories.

Updated 20th


- user response page. You can see the full roster for a specific event by clicking 'view' to see your own group, then 'full roster'.

- Email whole roster, the dialog asking how you want the roster to be emailed has been tweaked to make it clearer what you are choosing.

Updated 18th


On a persons finance tab, a statement can be generated. This now includes the ability to filter by account code for those that need to be specific about the transactions that appear on the statement.

Xero invoice from form

You can create xero invoices from a form. The invoice lines have been tidied up to show more detail of what was ordered on the form.

Updated 13th


Lock to top? This is a new setting for a note which allows you to select notes that always appear at the top of the list of notes, i.e. its an important note. It has a coloured background to highlight this. They appear in date order with the most recent first.

Reports - transactions

A new finance criteria has been added 'Total Transactions'. This enables you to get a list of people who have given once, or given more than 5 times or less than 2 for instance.


Some organisations need the notification email, but dont need/want the data from the form to be included. There is now a 'Just notify?' option. Ticking this will stop the form data being included in the email, limiting the content to date and time and ID of the form.

When data is included, and there are stock items, the stock code is now included.

Reports - date archived

We've exposed the date archived as a criteria you can now select when reporting people.


For those with lots of stock, a search bar can be helpful, we've added one which searches the code and text of the stock in the stock screen.

Cost price - this has been added to a stock item, and shown on all screens. With this the 'profit' is now also shown on each screen and report.

added 9th

Roster response (app and web page)

When you see the roster page, at the top is the list of people in that household. Change that to show the roster for the other person.Roster response (app and web)

added 6th

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