Xero - Contacts

When creating/updating contacts in xero from infoodle you can now control the order of the firstname and lastname fields (finance/configuration/xero setup/contacts)

Xero - Tracking Categories

When you specify the usage of a tracking category to be for Campaigns, you may need to control whether to present the campaigns or the tracking categories or both when users are adding transactions. You can now control this on the finance/xero imports/tracking category screen.

Finance Audit Trail

The Giving number has been added to the list of fields output. This is visible when you have access to the giving numbers in your role.

Added 12th


New payment gateway is now available. For more details see here

Added 4th Feb


- Can change event date so you can check future setups, and review previous days activity and reports

- Report shows duration (difference between checkin and checkout)

- Report, click on a name and it shows the custom fields from the label setting for checkin, and all adults in household together with phone numbers.


- On a persons profile, click the menu and there is a new item "Events attended". Shows a list of events (you can see based on groups and/or you can edit all events) they have attended.

Added 1st

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