Roster confirmations

The link that can be sent to people to confirm their roster positions has had the screen updated. The intention is its more clear - and allows choosing of OK,Not Ok or not sure along with a message. This feedsback to the roster screen as before - but the information is also emailed to the roster organiser.

Updated 27th


- When choosing your report criteria for people, notes and asset reports, when you choose a date field e.g. date of birth, and you select 'equals', then you are now presented with a choice of how to set the date - either Exact date (the usual way) or Preset dates. There are currently 4 of these available. These dates are based on the date you run the report.

- Report schedule. This allows you to create a repeating schedule for a report to be run. e.g. if you want a list of everyone who is added to the database each month. Use this in combination with the preset dates.

People - work queues

From the persons cog menu (on a person page, to the left of their name) an additional function has been added 'Add to work queue'. This presents a list of all the work queues you are allowed to add people to - click 'add' to add them.

Finance - donor analysis

This has been extended to include Pledge data, and some filters so you can view those people who have missed regular payments.

Updated 26th

Contact - Send to list

When producing the list of people to send to, infoodle now shows the household (or organisation) name so you can more easily recognise them.

Updated 25th

Payment gateway - POLi

We're really pleased to announce that we now support POLi as a payment gateway. This is only available for NZ and Australian customers. This allows you to provide a payment method for your form users that does not require their credit card - it allows them to use their bank account instead.

You need an account with POLi first - so please contact them direct for that

Added 24th

Finance - Receipts / Printed receipts

[also worded contribution statements]

This now has 'paging' available. Previously, this screen simply had 'Next page' available if there were more pages. This meant you could never go back - or skip to a specific page. These 2 things are therefore now available.

in addition the totals at the bottom was for the current page. This is more clear now, as well as showing the total for all transactions / receipts in the current filter.

Finance - Persons page

We've now added the showing of voided receipts for the person you are looking at and the date range. This is so you have a view on all receipts generated through infoodle, and those that were deleted.

Finance Donor analysis

This has been extended to include Pledge data. Therefore as you record pledges either via a form, or on the persons finance / pledges tab, you can see the whole picture of your pledged income for the period you need.

Updated 18th

Person - Groups

This screen has had the layout updated

Updated 15th

1. When Adding a person

- you can choose to identify this contact as an organisation contact, No first/lastname options shown
- the address part has been streamlined so you dont need to click 'create address'

2. Search at top of screen = use "Name" will search for person names and organisation name when they are organisations

3. People page (web view) when looking at an organisation contact

- Image forced to an organisation icon

4. Nick name and Salutation have been added as new infoodle fields
If you already have equivalent fields contact us and we will migrate the data from your fields to these new ones for increased functionality

- default to copy data from firstname
- are available in labels, and will combine when using just nickname/salutation
- are available in documents, and will combine when using just nickname/salutation
- are available in emails, and will combine when using just nickname/salutation
- are available in texts, and will combine when using just nickname/salutation
(note this isnt used for address fields, the title, firstname etc is used there)
- are available as a field to select in the reports

5. Nick name - is included in the search methods when searching by name

it is also added to the end of the shown name in [ ] if its different to the firstname

6. Linked to other household is now honoured in the phone version of the site

7. The person page address options have been placed into a menu for quick/clear access to the functions.

8. administration / system / text

- is now text and phones
- allows you to create suggested phone formats

9. When entering phone numbers, these are shown as options - on the add and edit person screens,

the settings for these are added in administration / system / text & phones (this has been renamed too!)

10. Recurring payments via Stripe!

11. On the person page, you can switch a contact to be an organisation contact, and if its an organisation contact, switch to be a person contact. These options are shown as appropriate in the persons menu. Note that if there is already an organisation contact in the household and you are on a person contact, you cant switch this contact to an organisation contact - this is because you can only have 1 organisation contact per organisation.

Updated 8th

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