On people reports - you can choose which fields you want included in the output from a long list of options. We've added the ability to choose which address type you want to use.

Added 30th


The stock list screen and reports have been rebuilt to be more accurate and provide more information. The totals are based on the Initial stock balance you enter in the stock item itself followed by additional adjustments and sales. Note that an adjustment is designed to reset the stock to a new stock value, infoodle calculates the changes required.

Workflow - step

A new step has had been added - "Change persons permission in a group". The purpose is so you can trigger a change to their permission either in a specific group, or any group they are currently a part of. Useful if you want to change them to Past Member when another field value changes.

Added 28th


You can embed an infoodle form in your website, you can have a payment gateway (e.g. stripe) as part of that form. You can configure a page on your website to take the user to once the payment has been processed successfully. We've added an option to the form settings tab which means you can have the page the user is returned to become the entire page - before it would replace the embedded part of the page only. This is an option.


A new criteria has been added which means you can filter the report based on people in work queues. The option only appears if you have access to one or more work queues.

Updated 18th


The infoodle App has now been released. See here for more information. This has also affected the Contact screen (app notification), the Packages and Views, and the Roles.

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