If you do not enter a visitor pin code in the settings screen whilst checking in, you are no longer shown the unlock box.


People are in a group that is included in a roster can now always see the roster. Previously they had to be full member or administrator of the group.

When a rostered person selects 'declined' using the roster link screen, this automatically adds an 'other commitment' to their record so the information is available to review by others.

Updated 28th

Text [new feature]

We have integrated another text message sending service - Green Text. Mainly for UK customers. More details available here.

Also you can adjust the cost per message. This is useful if you are using a non-infoodle text gateway. You can determine the price per message that infoodle uses for its calculations regarding available budget etc.

Both these items are available from the administration / system / phone and text menu.

Added 25th

Letters - Generated letters

You are now allowed to delete letters from your own generated letters list, in the same way as you can for emails and texts.

Receipts - personalisations

These have been extended and some more fields are now customisable -

Updated 19th

Statements [new feature]

The functionality to create statements via infoodle is now ready. You can print or email statements. See here for more details.

Update credit card details

For stripe users - you can now get your customers to update the credit card details recorded for them. See here for more details.

Added 17th

Rosters - changes

1. When clicking a group header, or a person in a group, or a + in a group, then the left panel shows

a) the list of people in the group. (it used to show the settings)
b) if you have clicked a place that is part of an event, then the + appears next to their name also (to add directly to the roster)
c) the panel has a 'settings' tab which contains the functionality to adjust the group settings.

2. From the 'group' tab on the left you can click the + icon to add them into the roster slot in the same way as before

3. From the 'group' tab on the left you can click the name of the person and bring up an 'Information' popup which contains:

a) their notes
b) their other commitments
c) a tab to show the 'other roster' activity

4. The 'other roster' activity now includes the 'Position' for that roster.

5. Once you have clicked on a persons name in the roster there is now an additional icon - (i) - when clicked you can see the 'Information' popup for that person.

6. When you remove a person from the roster, the slot switches to 'add here' mode, i.e. you can then quickly click another persons name from the list on the left to add them into that slot.

7. Clicking a person highlights their usage across the roster with a green back ground. The other members in the household are highlighted with a different colour.

Roster volunteer link page

This page is accessed via a link which is sent out with the rosters to each individual on the roster.

There is a new help page to describe the functions available to volunteers receiving these links.

1. The screen shows the past events behind a link 'show passed events'. Click that to show the details of events that are prior to today.

2. The word 'reject' has been changed to 'declined'

3. The ability to confirm or decline has been moved to two buttons, click which ever is required

4. When clicking 'save', the update to the screen occurs after the database has been updated successfully

5. Click 'save' on the confirm/decline popup and the screen shows spinning activity, and then a Tick - to indicate its saved. If an error occurs then a message is shown and the data entry box is re-shown

6. Once confirmed/declined - you are shown this information along with a link to change it. If the last date to change has passed then you dont get that link.

7. Beside each Date / Event / Group combination there is a 'view' button. Click this to see who else is rostered onto this Date/Event/Group

8. All the events/groups/positions for the recipient are now shown - so any of the links sent to the volunteer will now produce the same results. It loads 2 months prior/advance

Updated 15th


The event screen has a search box. There is now an 'advanced search' which can be used to list all the events and filter them to find what you need.

Forms - unique id

We've added the ability to include the unique id of a contact in infoodle which can then ensure the data you are collecting is attributed to the right person in infoodle. More details are described here.

The reviewing of approved form in the form area and the persons form area has been tidied visually.

Added 6th

Reports - pledges

When including pledge data in the selected fields of a report - all of the pledges that match the criteria are output. We've also added the pledge status data.

Added 4th

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