Roster pin

We've made this pin available to you on your settings page (in your own profile). This is visible to those in your family, and those who have role setting permissions.


We've released phase 1 of our new billing platform which will have additional features added over time and be available to all clients rather than the subset we have at the moment. This phase includes you being able to add and update your credit card details directly through the billing page (administration/billing).

Added 22nd

Gift Aid exports

The CSV and Excel exports have been extended to include the account number, claim amount and both tracking category fields. This should assist in identifying the designation of returned claim.

Xero account number/infoodle giving number

When asking infoodle to create new contacts from xero contacts, and the account number is used as the giving number - the giving number is now created in infoodle.

The sync of account number/giving number back to xero now only operates if there is a giving number in infoodle (i.e. not blank).

Updated 12th

App - events

With the next release of the app (over the next day or so), for those with a login to infoodle, the app will take your the calendar feed from your personal calendar rather than the global public calendar. You can control which events appear on that calendar by choosing which feed you want to export. Do this on the events / export calendar popup.



We've updated the processing of invoices imported from infoodle, specifically so the handling of part payments is better, and handling of when the 'remove & redo' or 'unreconcile' feature is used in xero against a payment.


We've added a 'review' screen which is available when there are transactions that need to be reviewed. This occurs when changes have occured in xero that infoodle could not process automatically. This can occur when a transaction has been receipted or gift aid claimed, and then changed in xero for instance.


Event Live Manager *new feature*

We've launched our event live manager for general access. This enables you to plan and deliver a service or event with timings, songs, sections, items - and keep all parties updated in real-time with progress through the event. Its all explained in our video. Watch it here.

Launched 1st

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