Person financial tab - xero
For those using tracking categories to identify the destination of a payment (campaign or fund) then both are now showing in the persons financial tab when you have finance admin permissions in your role. Before, it was only the first one shown.

Updated 28th

1. Form edit.
Amount field can now have:
a) list of possible values
b) option to have 'other' value
c) offer recurring payments as a new field

2. Form approval
a) Save form changes button
b) Apply to database tickbox, checked when there is data, not when its blank.
c) Can disconnect a form from a user so you can apply it to an alternative user
d) Reduced the information shown when looking at an approved form in the admin area
e) Fields that are configured as mandatory as an infoodle custom field, must be completed. They are highlighted on the form.
f) Custom fields and person information changes are written to the audit trail

3. Show live form
a) shows the payment options for amount lists, others etc.

4. New field type
a) Show web address

5. Email address
a) now has "confirm email address" option so user has to enter it twice

6. If you have clusters.
a) if you yourself are not in a cluster, then you can choose a group the form is visible to, as well as yourself.
b) if you are in a cluster, you must choose a group (that you are admin of) that can edit this form.
c) if you are in a cluster, you can only edit forms that are your cluster groups.

7. Add people.
Adding multiple and choose to go to the first one, actually goes to the first one!

8. Finance/Analysis
a) add header breadcrumb

9. Administration
a) tidy up and header breadcrumb

10. Printed Receipts.
a) The 'details' popup shows a link and the text of the link that a user can have in order to view and download their receipts.

11. Reports.
The generate results tab has been adjusted to be clearer as to what each option does.

12. Recurring income
- People - Finance. There is a new sub-tab for pledges which shows any recurring income activity for that client.
- New menu in finance giving access to functions
- Recurring transactions are processed each morning at 7am local time

Updated & Added 27th June

Email sent email

You can now delete emails you have sent. There are times when you dont want to retain emails. Note that this removes them from your sent screen but also from the history page for anyone who has received the email - i.e. its a complete removal of the email from infoodle.

Added 14th

Address formats

The UK address format has a new field - "House name or number". This separates out these details from the first line of address. It is required for Gift aid processing and is available when you have your default country set to United Kingdom.


In the email content screen, you can click 'import mailchimp templates'. This gives you the option to use the content for your email, and now to use them as designs which wrap around your emails. These must include the personalisation {content} somewhere in the template. If you change the template in mailchimp you need to visit here again to update it in infoodle.

Finance - xero setup

1. The layout has been updated here to make it easier to find what you need.
2. You can choose whether you want infoodle to keep the accountcode descriptions matching those in xero or not. The default is 'yes'.
3. For UK clients, they can tell infoodle how the "house name or number" is identified in the first line of the address so that infoodle can correctly interpret this data and populate the required fields.

Finance - Graphs...

1. This has been renamed to Analysis in preparation for more analysis reports.
2. The Graphs screen and the Financial Audit have been moved here.
3. The Financial audit can list transactions regardless of whether its been receipted or not, so its simpler list.

Person page

1. The top right icons have been tweaked and the settings menu appears when you move the mouse over it, or click.
2. The finance tab for a person has had the layout adjusted in readiness for some more features here.
3. The export from the finance tab has been updated to include Income as well as donations.


1. When going to the select fields tab, you dont need to choose to customise the list.
2. The criteria names honour the organisation view setting, switching from household to organisation as required.
3. The finance report (audit trail) has been moved to the financial analysis menu item. A link is here for now to get you there.

Updated 10th


1. When adding a transaction or statement import, the xero batches are no longer listed.
2. Pre-editing multiple tabs should now preview correctly each one.
3. Store receipt settings. When you change the filter settings on the receipt screen it is remembered e.g. unticking 'combined' for your own profile.
4. Moved 'printed receipts' to menu on the left


On the list view, 'today' is colour coded to be more obvious, and the screen jumps to today.

Check in

A new 'check all groups' is available on the groups screen when checking in for quickly selecting all groups.

Person - Form entries

We've removed the export button

Updated 7th June

Finance / Stock

- The editing screens have been re-worked and an item price has been included.
- When adding a transaction, you can now select the quantity of the stock item and this quantity can appear on the receipt.
- The screens listing the stock now show the number of sales of the items, and the report gives values also.

Updated 2nd

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