A few tweaks added to the forms:

- Entry ID and Date time submitted to the notification emails
- Amounts to be donated. This has been expanded to allow values over 99,999 !
- 'Other amount' field when shown on a form is now worded appropriately so its clear what its for
- When a list of amounts is provided in the setup as well as 'other' then other is now optional to be completed.
- The showing of the payment providers form is now scrolled into view more reliably so long forms can correctly focus on the new form.

Receipt templates

You can now choose to make the template available for others to use.

Updated 30th

receipt templates

The functionality around creating templates has been updated. You can now upload a PDF to provide the background design (including headers, footers logos etc). You can position the header and footer on the design and they will stay in place. You can swap the design around during specific campaigns you may be running.

More details are found here

Added 12th

xero invoices and payments

The way that infoodle processes invoices and payments imported from xero has been rebuilt in order to maximise their usage within infoodle. Details on how infoodle manages the various scenarios is described here xero invoices and payments

xero Quick download

This screen has been enhanced to allow more flexibility over the dates used when downloading transactions. The update is described here Quick download

xero schedule

The screens used to display and updated the xero schedule have been updated in line with other administration screens.

Updated 4th June

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