Recurring income

- If you have missed a payment for some reason and you are using a payment gateway, the recurring income - details screen now allows you to take payments for planned payments.

Added 27th


- Reconciling recurring pledges. If multiple pledge dates are available then they are all shown on the reconcile screen to choose from (with "Pay"). If there is date within 5 days of the transaction date then this is highlighted for you as the most likely match

- Receipts. We added gstamount (to show the amount of GST - or VAT in included in the gross amount) and amountnet (to show the amount net of GST - or VAT)

Added 26th


There are many changes to the way email has been extended, so many we made a video. Key items:

  • CC & BCC is now possible, and those emails provide click tracking
  • You can change the From name and address
  • Attachments can be pulled from the Library
  • You can schedule an email
  • Sent emails can be searched

Added 23rd

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