Header bar

For administrators - there is a new Capacity chart being shown to you once infoodle has the data. It is updated overnight each night - and also each time you go into administration, site statistics menu. It shows you how much of your current capacity you are using.​​​​​​​

Added 30th

Email Attachments

ICS file format is now supported - this is useful for sending out calendar reminder notifications in a standard format.

Campaigns Screen

The header as an additional option - Hide Inactive Campaigns. This allows you to keep out of sight those campaigns that are inactive based on the start and/or end dates. 

These 2 settings are also being stored for you, so that the next time you show this screen the settings are remembered.

Added 25th

Reports - Group membership

We've added another field you can output. This filters the groups a contact is connected to, removing those groups that are hibernated or expired as at the time you run the report.

Enforcing Password Lengths

We've enabled you to control the minimum length of a password for your system. This is checked when people set their passwords. Click Administration - Roles - Login Settings to make the change.

Preferred Contact Method

This field helps to filter output so you can communicate with people how they wish. Its not always useful to you - so we've provided the means for you to remove this from infoodle.

Click Administration - Custom fields - Field Options

Added 23rd


ToDo Widgets on Dashboard

We've tweaked the header bar to show and explain whats being filtered.

Updated 22nd


The presentation of the roster to the user has been updated to show those who have confirmed and those rejected

Added 21st

Daily Tasks

Each day there are a number of tasks that infoodle performs for you, these include, most commonly, taking payments, sending out task reminders. This used to take place at 7am. For operational reasons associated with some of our providers we've moved this to 3am - so you're task reminder emails are now arriving a little earlier!

Updated 20th

Updates have moved

To improve our communication of updates and other events which are important for you to be aware of - we are now highlighting the number of updates for you - and showing them within the infoodle product.

Email addresses

We've improved the messaging around invalid email addresses during the send process so that errors are shown with that error.

Private Data Report

Added the ability to filter by group, and added the Unique ID 

Added 10th


You are now able to add organisations to the roster, the roster and the exports now show the organisation name.

ToDo widget

When you hover your mouse over the words 'due soon', 'overdue', 'due today' then the actual date is shown.

Email attachments

The attaching of files from files held in the library - as well as the attachments coming into the inbox has been improved to use the correct filenames.

Updated 1st

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