Finance analysis - Pledge vs Actual

A new report is available which allows you a view of the pledges and actuals broken by person and month.

Pledge - reports

There are several additional criteria available under 'add finance criteria' which allow you to filter on pledges. Also in the 'select fields' tab there are several fields you can include in the reports that relate to pledges - shown in its own section.

Added 29th

Finance - receipts search

A new search method has been added to these screens which enable you to search for a specific individual.

Added 28th

Finance - receipts

If your role limits you to a cluster - the people you can issue and view receipts for is limited to those people too.

Reconcile - xero contacts

There are times when you reconcile a transaction in xero against a generic contact e.g. 'Banking' or 'Cash'. Infoodle still tries to connect these contacts to real people which can cause problems with split transactions. The reconcile screen now shows a 'pencil' next to a xero contact so you can determine whether this is a real contact or an 'administrative contact'.

Added 27th

Public calendar

You can now choose to show the available locations on the public calendar. This way the user can choose to see either all events in all locations (that are visible on the internet), or just those for a specific location.

Finance - audit report

You are now able to filter the audit report by the following criteria in addition to the dates. Campaign, Location, Bank account, Group (the person who made the transaction belongs to).

Contact - email, letter, labels

A new personalisation option of giving number is now available on these 3 items. Note when using test then PFX1234SFX is shown.

Forms - campaigns and account codes

When collecting data for a payment, you can now give the choice of which campaign and / or which account code the payee whats to allocate this money to. If you use a tracking category as a campaign, this will update the tracking category data too. You place these on your form, and choose a sub-set of the campaign or account code for the user to select. You can also set a default value.

Added 26th

New payment gateway

We've now been approved for eziDebit. This gives you access to their credit card and direct debit processing. They are only available in New Zealand and Australia - but they do great rates for charities. We are able to process recurring transactions with them too which means people can setup regular giving with you.

Added 20th

Contact - send to

The list of people the communication (e.g. email) is being sent to now shows the calculated number of people added to the list when adding 'filtered groups' e.g. "My Group[20] - Leaders (found:5)". The [20] is how many are in the group, the (found:5) is how many are added to the send to list - prior to deduplication and exclusions. This is useful to show that only 5 people were added even though 20 were in the list.

Added 19th

Finance - transactions - transaction status

If you have reconciled a xero transaction, then changed it in xero, infoodle cant process the changes in details. It flags it as 'update available'. To simplify finding these transactions there is a filter option on this screen to 'limit to just those with updates available'. You can click this without setting any other filter, and the list is shown. You can then unreconcile them - refresh - and re-import these items so that you're infoodle and xero match.

Updated 18th


A few improvements to the available options in reports:

- A new criteria added "Birthday" designed to be able to look for birthdays during a date range e.g. 'Next month'.
- More preset date options when using a date criteria: Next 7 days, Next 14 days, This financial year, Last financial year.
- Sorting. This works again, so when you run a report by individual you can click an 'arrow' to sort by that field.
- Sorting and exporting. The export to CSV and Excel honour the sort field chosen.
- Scheduled reports. These honour the sort field chosen (make sure you show the results, sort them, then Save the criteria in order to get the report output in that sort order).

Updated 17th

Bank accounts

You can now manage the bank account list. This enables you to restrict the list of available accounts to a specific group when you are working in clusters. You can also add/edit/delete them. (xero ones cant be deleted). These functions are accessed from the new Bank Accounts tab under transaction processing. Generally you only need to access these if you are not using xero.

Giving numbers

We've expanded the capabilities of giving numbers. They can optionally now have a prefix, a suffix and/or a fixed length. Note that the number is still the unique part - i.e. you can only have that number once in the system. Also, the prefix and suffix can only be letters a to z (or A to Z), no spaces, numbers or none-letters.

Updated 16th

Contact - send to list

The list of who will receive the email/text etc. has been updated as follows:

a) The Salutation that will be used in the send is shown.
b) If the record is a duplicate, it shows with which record it is duplicated.
c) You can de-select any record and the duplication is re-calculated (remove the person from the list at the top of the section to re-instate it)

Report - include spouse

This has been altered to pull in only those people who are not archived. Previously the archive setting was ignored.

Updated 15th


The use of this is now more useful! Because there are many different scenarios we've standardised how it gets used in receipts in particular. If there is a salutation present, thats used, if not then for an individual their firstname, for a couple, their combined names, for an organisation contact - the organisation name.

Home page - calendar widget

You can now filter the list of events based on the colour key aswell or instead of the location

Updated 12th


We've redesigned these screens to be more reliable and in keeping with the rest of the system

We've made locations available in the finance area now regardless of if you have the events module or not. It used to require the events module. Locations can be used to tag transactions as to where they were transacted e.g. at a specific shop or different places. This means the role permission 'manage locations' appears in the finance section when there is no events module available - otherwise it appears in the events area. If you have both enabled then locations appears in both menu areas on the main screen.

Updated 10th

Public Calendar

By editing the Calendar form that appears in your form page, you can now change the default view, start and end times of the day for the form that can be embedded in your website or a shared link.

Campaigns report

If there are campaigns with 0 balances, these are now included on the reports.


The 'active groups' information has been expanded to show active, expired and hibernated groups as well as the past member'ed groups that this person is a part of. Its available by clicking the down arrow beside the active groups number.


There is now the ability to add a 'view by anyone' to a library and catalogue level. This allows anyone with access to the library and a login to infoodle to be able to see the contents of a catalogue without them needing to be in a group.


When using groups - you can now include a blank group at the start of the dropdown list of groups. This is available when you click 'select groups'

Global SMS

We've updated the connection with Global SMS to be using their new API end points in time for their infrastructure changes.

Updated 9th


Most fields available in a form can now have a default value added. This will mean you can select your preferred value for these fields. In addition this means that you can use it to pre-populate values you need without needing the form-filter to select or enter that value, do this by setting "Only on process form". Default values can be chosen when shown on the field editing section when building a form.

Notes : You can now choose the colour coding for a note.

Campaign reports

These are now showing correct totals and breakdowns together with exporting these details.

Added 4th

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