When adding or updating a profile, the privacy settings for the phone and email addresses is now taken from the system settings when the form doesnt specifically ask the user for this information.

Added 21st


A new field has been added that can be included in the output - Average Amount by criteria

Gift Aid

From the Gift Aid summary screen each of the links are now clickable to download a CSV file listing the people that make up the numbers.

Added 20th


a) If a recurring period of One Off is chosen, and the build screen has First payment date ticked, then the First payment date is shown (label changed to Payment date) so the user can choose when the one-off payment is taken.

b) The label text itself now has its own class for styling purposes - labeltxt

c) The notification email sent to the admin users now includes the Entry ID in the subject

d) The first notify email, and the email sent to the user are connected to the form entry. This way when reviewing the form entry, the emails themselves can be reviewed.

e) When reviewing a form entry, the 'show entries' button is duplicated at the bottom of the screen

f) The 'payment period' field now describes in detail the pledge that is going to be created based on the form entries. Edit the form entries and 'save changes' to alter these values.

g) The date & time the form was created is shown at the top of the review screen.

Pledge records

a) pledge records are now created when the user saves the form (i.e. not at approval time)

b) after the form is completed, before it is approved, the request for payment no longer requires a form to be approved in order to request payment

c) recurring stripe payments now record the charge succeed/fail against the form each time.


a) In Administration/System/Payment methods - stripe - there is a new option 'Allow stripe to issue receipt email?'. This is 'Yes' by default. You can set it to 'No' here - in which case stripe will not issue an email when a charge is made to the account, you will need to manage any communication out of infoodle alone.

Updated 7th

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