API - new calls

We've added 2 new calls to the API, statistics and ping.

Added 25th

Forms - embedding form with data

Infoodle forms can be embedded in your website, but sometimes you need to include data from another source to that form. This can be done via the link you supply. More details on how to do this is shown here.

Forms - reply with content

when a form includes an email address, you can opt to make this a 'address to send submitters email' email address, i.e. you can send a message back to this email address. Previously the email was very static - it now can contain any of the data on the form. There is a new tab available when you are building the form - 'email'. Here you can set who the email is coming from, the design to use (if you have one setup in the email content area), a template to base your new email on (if you have any in the email content area), and the place to build the email. On the left is the list of fields that are taken from the form. Click on the email where you want the content, click on the field you want to add there.

Added 24th

Gift aid - filed claim

When reviewing a filed claim, you can click 'not claimable' to review those transactions that were not included in the claim.

Added 21th

Gift aid - xero contacts

In the xero configuration, you can choose to get infoodle to auto-create contacts based on contact data coming from xero. You can now also set the gift aid approval record at the same time. Whilst it does this, it creates the dates it needs to ensure the historic date is set correctly i.e. how far back can infoodle go for that contact to claim gift aid.

Finance - Transactions - Payment methods - ezidebit

When you have an ezidebit payment method, there are 3 actions available.
a) form usage : where this method has been used on the form
b) statement : information pulled from ezidebit about the status of payments, settlement date in particular
c) new payments : any new payments that have been requested to ezidebit e.g. on a recurring payment, showing success/fails.

Added 18th

Finance - Transactions - Payment methods

There is a new menu item to take you to the payment methods screen. From here you are able to :

a) Show all payments that have been processed through a form which use this method of payment.
b) For ezidebit, show the settlement dates and transactions for payments processed through your ezidebit accounts.

Forms - payment methods

These can now be connected to a bank account, also for credit card & direct debit processing, an email address is required now. This is the email address infoodle will send any notifications to e.g. Totals processed that day, invalid payments to be reviewed etc.

xero status

We are now exposing the current status for those people on xero on the finance / transaction processing screen. If there are issues then they are shown there - and whether you need to take any action or not.

Added 17th

Forms - giving number

You can now include the giving number as a field on the form for the user to complete. This data is then used as a search mechanism on the approval screens. Note that it is not used to update the database though, meaning the user cannot choose their own or update their own giving number. Giving number is also available as a search option to choose other households/organisations when you are finding your own match on the approval screen.


There is a new button on the forms list - Recent entries. This takes you to a list of the most recent (25) entries that you can see, that are awaiting approval. You can then switch to see recently approved ones.

There is also a search box on the forms list screen which allows you to enter the form ID and go directly to the form in question whether its approved or not.

Added 16th

Reports - pledges

You can now filter the pledges based on the date they were created, as well as the campaign they were pledged for.

Updated 15th

Todo Reminder email

This now includes the organisation (household) name, and the name is clickable to take you to the relevant person.

Finance - batches

By default batches with no entries are not listed.
The layout of the batch report has been adjusted a little for clarity.

Finance - campaigns

- Campaign screen.
The design has changed a little, trying to in some standardisation to these screens! The functionality is the same.

You can edit the campaign and choose a default account code.

- Reconcile.
if you have campaigns showing on the reconcile screen, then when you change the campaign, the account code is changed if there is a default one setup.

- Add transactions via the 'add transaction' screen, or Edit transactions via the 'find transaction' screen.
if there are campaigns available and a default account code - then it switches the account code.

Updated 14th

Infoodle Support

In the interest of openness and who/when people access your data, we've added a support page that must be completed by an infoodle support person when they log in to your site - this data is then available to you via the login audit trail of the infoodle user (see here)

UK - GDPR Data fields

We've extended the fields available in a form to include fields to request whether people are giving you approval to contact them. These are then available in the persons screen. More information here. Note this is phase 1 of 2 phases. The 2nd phase will honour these settings in the communications.

Added 10th

Forms - amount fields

If you are using amount fields with split value and text (e.g. 40/$40 Student, 60/$60 Standard), then infoodle now stores the value and the text rather than just the value. This means you can now see the value of the text on exported items.

Finance - xero notifications

Each time infoodle connects to xero, it checks to make sure the account codes are still valid. If you delete or change some in xero, and they are part of your schedule, then infoodle notifies you on the finance screen. This is a chance to review those schedules. The lines that are in error are shown and in general you would want to delete them by clicking the 'trash' icon.

Updated 9th

People - email address

Improved the validation of email addresses on a persons page.

Updated 8th

Reports - transaction by campaign

The 'total by criteria' now honours the limitation of campaigns. e.g. you can ask for a list of people who have given to a specific campaign and see their total, or campaign specific totals.

Updated 4th

Forms - permissions

If you have the permission to process forms, you can now see these forms on the persons profile page. It used to be just those who could admin forms.

Added 3rd

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