- Recurring periods : You can select which recurring period you want to show to the user from the supplied list

- To Process : The view of to process has been adjusted to make it clearer as to what forms need processing. You can hover your mouse of the 'i' to see the detail breakdown.

- Other phone: The option to ask the user for the 'on directory' option is now available

Added 21st

Forms - new link options

When publishing a form, you have an additional link available, this one uses the words of the form name rather than the guid approach. You can continue to use the previous link method. This will make the links more obvious to the end user rather than a bunch of numbers and letters! You control this by setting the form name.

Reports - add to group

If you have permissions to create groups, then the add to group option now allows you to create a group at the same time.

Statement import - CSV

If you have alternative settings for your field separator, or in the amount field - the thousand and decimal separators, then you can specify these during the import. By default they are comma (for the field), comma (for the thousand, and full stop (for the decimal place) separator.

Added 17th

Groups - Volunteer hours

The group list will show the number of volunteer hours the person has done. This was based solely on the hours entered via the volunteer hour screens. We've extended this to include hours achieved whilst attending an event.

Reports - dates

A new date range has been added alongside the existing 'Last month' and 'Next month', we've added 'This month' to help when running scheduled reports.

Added 16th

Forms - pledges

For those who are running a specific campaign for pledges over a specific period, its necessary to be able to have an end date of when all pledge transactions must be completed by. You can now add a 'last permitted date' when building the form and using the 'recurring period' field. This stops the user from entering an end date after the one specified - and when creating the pledge, the last date is used regardless of whether an end date is set by the user or not.

Added 10th

Recurring income - planned

The one-offs are now not shown by default. You can tick 'include one offs' on the screen to add them to the list.


A new selectable field 'Group function list' will list the group functions associated with the identified groups for the person.

Updated 7th

Volunteer hours

The total number of volunteer hours recorded against a person for a specific group is show in the persons group page and the group page listing all members. These hours are added by going into the volunteer hours screens.

On the group, there was the ability to add a volunteer hour value for the persons group membership. This has been 'deprecated' - i.e. it will be removed soon. If you are not using it, then we've removed this feature already. Its been replaced with the volunteer hour functionality.

Updated 2nd

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