Workflow - text

You can now send a text message as part of a workflow. This can be scheduled for a future time also.

Added 27th


Generating receipts

  • Layout colours have changed to the white format
  • You can choose to generate printed and emailed receipts in the same 'generate'
  • You can choose to pre-edit a line also - but only pre-edit. This means you can either pre-edit, or generate the output. i.e. as soon as you choose one line to pre-edit, you need to pre-edit them all, or come back on the second screen to choose to not pre-edit.
  • You can now choose up to 20 items to pre-edit a new 'Select Max' link at the top of the list of checkboxes will select the maximum.
  • A new filter option of 'Filter by group' is available
  • When preediting, you can choose whether to auto-refresh the preview or request it by clicking the button - this setting is remembered for you.

Printed receipts

  • A new filter option of 'Filter by group' is available
  • The method a receipt was generated is listed (printed or emailed)
  • The date is was generated is displayed

Added 27th


On a persons finance tab, there has been a 'pledge' tab for a while to see any pledges that appeared via a form entry. Now you can use this same page to add, edit and delete pledges for that person.

Added 24th


Stock codes
You can now create stock items if you have access to the events or the finance modules. These enable you to include things like ticket with or without early bird dates and values and physical items as things available on a form in addition to donation amounts. To achieve this, those with events module only now have access to the stock items menu item below the Events menu.

Change the 'From'
On the settings tab for a form you can now see and adjust the email from address that infoodle will use when sending out emails.

The locations menu item has been added in the left hand menu. When you click 'events' you now see it.

Added 21st

Account codes

- the screens have been refreshed to tidy them up. There is also a new field "Use description for duplicates". This tells infoodle which is your primary description when you are duplicating account codes. This means you can have code 200 used twice for two different but related purposes. Infoodle therefore needs to know which code of the two to use in specific reports (e.g. audit trail). The selected one is shown in bold on the account code list screen.

Audit trail

- When choosing to output the report broken down by account code, you now have the choice to summarise by duplicate codes. With this set to 'No' then each different code used is listed even if the actual code (e.g. 200) is used more than once. If you choose to summarise , then it will group them together and use the "description for duplicates" for the description

Report - criteria

- You can now select output by tracking category

Forms - Total amount

You have always been able to add multiple 'amount' fields onto a form. Now you can add a 'Total amount' field too. This will add up the totals included in the various amount fields as the user types them in or selects them.

Added 20th


You can now include one or more Note fields, either a household or personal note. These can be completed by the user on the form, or you can make them private (sets On process form only = yes) so that you can add a note at the point of approval. These become notes on the persons page.

Added 15th


You can now include one or more images into a form. Note: These images are tailored so that facebook can pick them up when you choose to publish a form in facebook.

Added 13th


- Finally the new version of rosters has been released for you. Its a complete rewrite from the ground up so as to incorporate many of the features and functions we've been asked for, whilst also making it much easier and quicker to use. More information is available here.

The old rostering system will remain in use and available for a while yet - currently slated to be closed on 31st March 2018 to ensure rosters have been completed or if necessary migrated to the new system.

- My Rosters - moved

This has moved but can be found by clicking 'Rosters' and then 'My Calendar'

Donor analysis report

We've launched the first part of our donor analysis reporting. Access this via the finance / analysis screen.More information is available here

Campaign report - detailed

The campaign report screen can now show totals, total by type of transaction, and all the details. This allows you to show and export the transactions associated with a campaign.

Added 12th

Administration - Group types

- When you edit a group type, you can now choose whether you want the volunteer hours and / or the quick roster links to show when in the group list page. Its not always relevant to have these. By default they are enabled.

Volunteer hours - on attendance

- When adding an event in the group attendance, you can now select how many hours should be added to each persons volunteer hours, and to what task to assign it. This information appears on the persons and overall volunteer hour reports.

Added 7th


- There was a restriction on having one email address synced with multiple lists in mailchimp by infoodle, this restriction has been removed

Forms - limit to groups

- When adding a form, you can now choose whether to limit to a specific group. With this setting, only people in that group (full member or administrators) can see the form to be able to edit its settings, or can see it in the persons profile tab.

Forms - Independent field

- There is a new independent field : Date. This allows you to capture dates without them needing to be custom fields in the database already

Library - Lyrics & Chords

- A new type of item has been added to the list. You can now choose to store lyrics with their cords as text. The advantage is that there is a 'Transpose' button now to enable you to get infoodle to transpose the chords into the key of your choice.

Roster - My Roster..

- The layout of this screen has been updated

Person - Archive

- We've disabled the ability for you to archive yourself so as to ensure you dont get forced out of infoodle unexpectedly!

Logging in

- We've tightened the logging in process so infoodle protects itself from random attempts better

Updated 5th

Events - search
- We've reduced the event page from having 2 search boxes, down to 1. Its now in the centre on the top of the screen beside the 'go to' function.
- Also the 'Calendar address' label has been changed to 'Export calendar'. The function is the same, the text hopefully is clearer.

Updated 2nd

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