Income reports

There are a number of organisations using infoodle who record donations and also the people those donations are for and distribute reports to a number of countries. These updates facilitate these activities.

- personal finance settings can be enabled/disabled from the administration/system/finance
- personal financial fundraising targets can be recorded by financial year
- sensitive words that will translate words in emails and statements
- new statement personalisations to output lists of donors and breakdown of monthly income
- output of fund raising totals and achievement against annual targets

Added 28th

Ezidebit - update payment details

In the finance/recurring income/detail screen, and the finance/payment method/ezidebit - payers detail page, you can now choose to create a link to email to the donor so that they can update their card details.

Added 21st

API - Notes list

The "for" has been adjusted to be in line with the note settings endpoint, i.e. outputting the 'for' as an array of code and text.

Transaction status

The "Memo" has been added as a search field so you can select based on the memo (or description field) as well.

Transactions - adding

The various drop down options for stock, memberships etc have been changed to searchable ones.

Added 19th

API - Notes

The ability to search, create, edit and delete notes is now available through the API.

Custom field options

A couple of settings that have been a part of infoodle for a while, have now been made public so you can set them if you wish. These are available in the administration / custom fields / options screen

- Gender: Some organisations dont want or need this field. This option can remove it from the infoodle site.
- Infoodle ID: Some organisations already have IDs for their contacts and this additional ID is not required. This switch only affects the persons profile page. The field is still available in the 'select fields' for reports as it has other benefits related to updating contacts in bulk.

Just set these to yes or no to suit your requirements. It can always be switched back the other way.

Ezidebit - customer status

From the finance/payment methods/ezidebit payers screen you can go to a screen to show the detail of that customer as it stands with ezidebit.

You can now change the status of that customer to active, on hold or cancelled - rather than going to the ezidebit portal.

Added 17th

Rosters - roster link

A user who has received a confirm/decline link has access to the rosters on their phone. As well as processing and viewing rosters, this can now also be used to review, add, edit and delete 'Im Away' dates.

Added 14th

Reports - Campaign type

You can now add a campaign type as a criteria for transactions or for pledges. You can also choose campaign type as a field to output for a transaction or a pledge.

Added 13th

Pledge drive - forms

You can add the pledge drive as a field on the form. This way you can preset (by making it 'process only' and setting the default), or ask the user which pledge drive they are a part of.

Forms - country code

You can now choose a default country code useful when publishing your forms on sites for organisations in other counties

Updated 9th

Pledge drive

We've introduced the concept of a plege drive. This is period that is used for reporting purposes primarily so you can track a specific fund raising appeal which is a part of a campaign. For instance a campaign could last for 5 years and each year you to a pledge drive to raise more funds. This way you can report on the progress and success of that drive outside of the overall progress of the campaign.

Pledge drives can be added via the campaigns / pledge drive screen.

A specific pledge can be connected to a drive on the persons finance/pledge screens

Updated 7th

Campaign reports

The layout has been improved.

You can now produce a summarised report by Campaign type

Updated 6th

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