Events - search
When you search for events using the header, and the results are more than 30, the text at the bottom of the search results now shows 'Show all results'. This is a link to show the list of matching events with further search options.

Updated 30th

Reports - attendance
- When you generate an attendance report there is now a 'contact' button. This takes the people shown in that group over to the contact screens so you can send them an email/text etc.

- [UK only] Gift aid is now a field that can be added to a form which means you can capture the persons gift aid approval directly. It defaults to a tweaked version of the words taken from the government form

Updated 23rd

Email - Sent items
- When you click on an email to show the people the email was sent to, then click on a sent email the popup now has 3 options, the new one is 'resend'. This will resend that specific email without editing.
- Show. This now shows the %'age of opens for those emails successfully sent, and a table of the dates and times, and how many times an email was opened.

Person - Groups tab
- The existing 'Roster report' on a persons group tab is now able to output the report as either CSV or the previous default of Excel.
- There is a new button 'Volunteer hours report' which outputs a report of the volunteer hours recorded against this individual

- Fields: There is a new field available on forms, 'Preferred contact method'. This relates to the preferred contact method stored against the person.
- Approvals: You can now choose as to whether you want the persons name to be updated whilst approving a form. Note that if you are creating a new contact this is mandatory, otherwise it is optional.

Finance - Analysis
- An additional 'Lines to show' has been added 'Account Description'. This is to cater for those who duplicate their account codes in infoodle for different purposes. The 'Account Code' will summarise the duplicated codes into one line, where as 'Account Description' splits them into their individual codes
- Below the graph, there is now a download button. This enables you to download the table either in csv or excel format.

Updated 22nd

Forms - approvals

- The current ID of the form you are working on is now shown at the top of the approval form
- The mandatory field requirements (those with the orange underline) can be overridden with a new tickbox beside 'Step 1' of the approval. This allows you, if you wish, to untick those fields that are normally mandatory to be unticked and therefore not applied to the database.
- When creating people using the 'create' button of the approval, you are now able to choose a workflow that has been setup for when you have the 'people' 'added' trigger chosen.

Updated 5th

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