Campaign type

The ability to group campaigns by campaign type is now available in the campaigns area. This will enable you to visually see your campaigns grouped together.

Email - new personalisation

{person_phone} has been added to enable you to output the phone numbers associated with a person

API - notes

You can now access notes via the new API end point.

Added 27th

Email names

The from/to names for an email now recognise the organisation name for organisational contacts.

Updated 23rd


The editor used in a variety of places to add rich content (html editor) has been upgraded.

Forms - multiple people per form

This has finally been released. We have been working hard on this update which includes a number of improvements to the forms themselves and how they function. See the help on this new field.

Forms - xero invoices

Once a form is approved, you can now create an invoice in xero.

Mailchimp - more details

The change to incorporate the merge fields during the subscripe/profile changes coming from mailchimp have been replicated when sending data up to mailchimp too.

Updated 18th

Currency code

We've exposed the currency code setting on the administration/system/finance screen so that you can now influence the code used specifically in {total in words} personalisation.

Updated 12th

Report - schedules

We've added 'daily' as an option. This is useful for those who feed the automated report outputs into another package for high level statistics.

Added 2nd

Mailchimp - more details

When you click 'connect' you can tell infoodle the tags you are using for address and phone numbers as well as the first and last names. This is used for subscribing and updating of a persons profile when using mailchimp to manage these things.


The 'resync count' button has been expanded and changed. Its now called 'refresh'. This will now honour the settings under the 'connect' button which include creating contacts in infoodle. This is a great way of importing new contacts into infoodle from mailchimp.

Ezidebit - reconcile

For those using ezidebit and infoodle forms - there is a new reconcile process when in the finance/reconcile screen. This will reconcile a single transaction imported from the bank and split it out according to the data provided by ezidebit - with one click of a button. No more searching and matching forms required. More information available here.

Added 1st

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