Financials - Statement import

The Paypal & CSV import formats have now been split so that a specific CSV import format can be imported. In addition we've relaxed some of the required fields so its easier to get data in.


The combined address name and combined name will output the organisation name for an organisation contact.

Updated 25th


When viewing the individual dates and amounts of a specific pledge, you can now edit that item. e.g. if the donor needs to adjust the date or amount of one or more planned giving, then you can change it. You can also delete a planned payment (and restore it).

2 Factor Authentication

The protocols used by the 2 factor have been updated. Its a good idea to renew your 2 factor authentication.

Added 23rd

Price band

The price band that your site is on, is now made visible on the administration / packages & views page along with the packages you have enabled.

Added 19th

Forms - deleted forms

On the forms entries screen you can now filter to show those forms that have been deleted. You can then show that form and 'undelete' it. You can also choose to include deleted forms in the export.

Added 14th

Reconcile - Paying forms

When you are shown a form that is a possible match for the monies being reconciled, then the resulting info has been expanded to include more detail on the line items e.g. stock items.

Added 13th

Ezidebit processing

2 new screens have been added to enable better visibility of what data ezidebit hold. If you have an ezidebit account then you can see the 'Payment methods' tab in the finance area, and for the ezidebit method there are some possible actions - including 'Payer'. This emulates the payer screen in the ezidebit control panel. You can see and search the available payers, and clicking on one shows their details and the state of any payments that have been made - with links through to the relevant infoodle forms.

Added 12th

Finance - type of payment

When adding manual transactions you can choose from a list of payment methods. This list has been expanded to include Charity Voucher (click to see their website), and Other.

Added 5th

Xero - send to xero

The method of sending a batch of transactions to xero now allows the creation of an invoice or receive money transaction. Click 'send to xero' on a batch and choose which type you want to create.

Added 1st

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