A page size option has been added.


Reports including fields from the transaction field list have been adjusted slightly to ensure greater consistency. There were occasions when selecting different field combinations to show in the report would output difference results.

Updated 20th

Custom fields

Two new custom field types have been added.
- integer (whole numbers)
- numbers with two decimal places

These can be used throughout, including adding to search options and report criteria. The data entry fields are validated to ensure invalid characters are not entered.

- For date fields, you can now instruct infoodle to not create the additional day/month/year report criteria

- For lookup fields, you are presented with the list of items of that lookup in the custom field administration screen as well as on a person's profile.


- Sorting of custom fields is now available

- Sort settings are honored in the excel output

- The report criteria field list is sorted properly

Audit trail

- Household/Organisation custom field changes are now being displayed in the audit trail

Added/Updated 17th

Dashboard - queues

A new column showing the total number of emails and texts that are queued. This is part of the total number of queued emails. i.e. if all of your emails are queued, the numbers will be the same.

Added 13th

Finance - receipts

You can select a receipt template to use when receipting transactions that are all for the same campaign. This default is honoured in the receipts screen.

Added 11th

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