Finance Audit Trail

The output now includes 3 additional fields, Unique Id for the user, House ID and Account code.

Updated 24th

More preferred methods of contact
A contact can have other methods of contact than the previous list. We've added : Cell, Facebook and Slack

Updated 23rd

More Personalisations

When combining names within a household there are a number of ways people need this data presented. We've therefore adjusted and extended this, in particular for couples who have different surnames. The following are now available

Example Example different surnames
{combined address name} Mr R & Mrs A Smith Mr R Smith & Mrs A Jones
{combined name} Richard and Aukje Richard and Aukje
{combined firstlast name} Richard and Aukje Smith Richard Smith and Aukje Jones
{combined fullname} Mr Richard and Mrs Aukje Smith Mr Richard Smith and Mrs Aukje Jones
{all names} Richard & Aukje, Joanna, Emma Richard & Aukje, Joanna, Emma

Updated 21st


We've completely rebuilt the label engine so that it can be more flexible, and more reliable. It should better match what you are seeing on the screen and can cope with pictures, barcodes, fonts and colours.

Reports - to session list for email/label etc.
When generating a report list and using it to send emails etc. you can now choose whether it is to use combined data either on the report or on the email.

Finance - Memberships
- There is a new "period start" which enables you to start your memberships at the start of the financial year.
- The way to get to the report is now just click the 'report' button for the membership code you want
- The report shows totals, new and renewals along with other info based on the way you want it to report e.g. by calendar year or financial year etc.
- The report allows you to generate a list of people for that specific row

Finance - xero - auto-reconcile
We've extended this functionality so that invoices are now checked to see if they can be auto-reconciled.

Updated 18th

Email templates for receipts
There is now a {receipt url} as well as the {receipt link} personalisation. The url version only gives the url which means you can be more creative with the buttons or links that the user clicks rather than the default infoodle one that {receipt link} provides

e.g. <a href="{receipt url}">This is link someone clicks</a>

this would give you a link with the wording "This is a link someone clicks"

Added 13th

Gift aid
For UK customers - we are pleased to announce that 'Gift Aid' is finally available. This is available as a separate version of infoodle, or as a module as part of a standard infoodle system. Contact us for more information.

Phone version
- the design has been updated.
- viewing existing notes is available

Added 9th