Recorded Training

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These training videos are recorded during a real training session.

Each videos below is on a specific topic. We conduct frequent training sessions online that you are free to join in on if you prefer. Click here to see when the next one is.

Basic Training

Recorded - 17th August 2017

This covers the basics :

Search for people, add and edit people
Add people into groups
Adding notes
Adding and searching groups
Setting up roles
Add, edit and re-organise custom fields
Using advanced search
Sending emails


Recorded - 17th Feb 2018

This covers the setup and usage of the rostering system (version 2 - introduced in Nov 2017).

Finance Training

Recorded - 14th September 2017

The covers the processes related to finance:

Connecting and setting up the xero link
Importing files from other sources e.g. bank, csv, paypal
Reconciling transactions
Managing Giving numbers
Checking the data
Setting up receipt templates
Testing, Printing and emailing receipts
Managing completed receipts
Fixing errors in the data

Gift Aid

Recorded 19th February 2018

This provides and introduction to the Gift Aid functionality in infoodle,

- How to capture and record Gift Aid
- How to review the claim
- How to file a claim with HMRC