Contact by Text

Infoodle enables you to send texts to people in your database. Text messages are sent directly from infoodle using the data you hold on your community. This is sent over the internet via a gateway to the users phones. Because it needs to be sent this way, there are charges involved. For more information about text charges and gateways click here.

In order to be able to send text messages you must have permission in your role and you must be allocated a budget. The contacts must also have the 'Cell' box ticked next to their mobile phone number on their profile.

For more information about Contact Role Permissions click here.

How to allocate a text Budget

From the persons profile page you want to allocate a budget to, click on their settings cog.

Simply enter in a limit amount they can spend. i.e. $15.00

Then click SAVE. The current balance will decrease with each text sent. (At the time of writing texts cost .15 cents each.)

To remove a text budget

From the settings page, enter the negative amount you want to remove. i.e. -15.00 will bring the above amount to 00.00

Note: For more detail on sending texts click here.