Finance terms

infoodle uses a number of terms to facilitate its workings. The intention is to use commonly used terms, but also try and make them generic to different type of organisations. Below is a list of the key terms

Receipt to : IndividualWhen generating a receipt, and the transaction is identified as one to receipt to an individual, then the persons first and last names are used. These may be combined (e.g. Mr A & Mrs J Smith) if they share a giving number.
Receipt to : HouseholdWhen generating a receipt,, and the transaction is identified as one to receipt to a household (or organisation) then the household name will be used instead of the persons name. This is used most often when it is for a business.
Receipt to AliasThis field - which can be changed on the persons screen in the household section, is used instead of the household (or organisations) name when generating a receipt that needs to be receipted to the household. Basically you are able to provide an alternative name to use for the organisation. This is useful when you use the household name e.g. The Smiths, for letters and regular emails, however they are giving their donations on behalf of the "Smiths Trust". By setting this field, you are telling infoodle which name to use in the receipts area.
Giving numbers

These a numbers that can be used to search for people instead of their names. In addition they provide the mechanism whereby you can combine 2 peoples donations into one receipt.

The the combining to work successfully you need the following:
a) Each person to be in the same household
b) Each person to have the same giving number