Quick download

There are times when you want to override the automatic imports that infoodle performs. This can either be because you have made a quick change to a transaction in Xero and want that reflected in infoodle - or you need to import some historic transactions that are not in infoodle.

Clicking Quick Download provides you with 3 choices.

Transaction date start and end

This allows you to specify the period of transactions that you want to import.

Updated since

This allows you to specify the date you made changes to.

For example:

You have just made changes to a transaction which was dated last week.

Transaction date start : <the date of the transaction last week>

Transaction date end : <can be blank or specify the specific date if you wish, any date that is the same or later than the start date>

Updated since : <todays date>

You have noticed there are some missing transactions in April 2017

Transaction date start : 1st April 2017

Transaction date end : 30th April 2017

Updated since : 1st April 2017 <this is the date of the start of the period. Any changes made to the transactions identified by the start/end dates will be picked up.