Updating a Stripe donors credit card details.

A customer who is using the recurring donations via infoodle will need to update their credit card details. To do this we need to present them with a stripe form that enables them to update the stored token.

To achieve this, you need to send a special link to the customer from infoodle by following these simple steps:

1. Click Finance

2. Click Recurring income

3. Find the customers recurring item that you want to update and click on the 'date created' link on the left, or the 'details' icon on the right to go to the details page.

4. If the card details were captured using stripe - you will see a button saying 'Send update card form'.

5. Click Send update card form

6. This takes you to the contact screen. The 'send to' and 'content' are populated for you. The content includes the special link. You can change the text as you require.

When the user receives this email - they must click on the link. They are presented with a page similar to below. They click 'update card details' to be presented with the stripe form where they update their details.