Moving transactions

If you have reconciled a transaction against the wrong person, there are a few solutions depending on how the transaction was loaded into infoodle, or how many transactions to move.

Moving all transactions from one person to another

There can be times when you have incorrectly loaded an individual along with their transactions (for instance through an import) and you later realise this is a duplicate contact. You therefore need to move all their transactions over to the correct contact record in infoodle, and remove the incorrect contact.

  1. Go to the profile of the person that is incorrect.
  2. Click the settings cog and choose finance to go to their finance tab.
  3. Click Move to another contact.
  4. Search for the person that you wish to move the transactions to. You have the option to archive the incorrect contact too.
  5. Clicking Move will move all the transactions associated with the current contact over to the new contact.

Move one transaction from one person to another

This is when an individual transaction was incorrectly reconciled.

If you have imported this transaction via xero - then you have the option to unreconcile this transaction, correct it in xero and re-import it into infoodle giving you the chance to reconcile the transaction in infoodle so it is corrected.

Whether it has arrived via xero or any other method:

  1. Click Finance | Transactions | Find.
  2. Search for the transaction and click Edit.
  3. You can edit the person to whom the transaction is attributed to by searching for the correct person in the Who presented this transaction field.