Converting an organisation to a person contact or vice versa.

When adding a person you can choose to identify the contact as an organisation or a person.

On the person page, you can switch or convert a contact to be an organisation contact, and if its an organisation contact, convert to be a person contact. These options are shown as appropriate in the persons menu. Note that if there is already an organisation contact in the household and you are on a person contact, you cannot switch this contact to an organisation contact - this is because you can only have 1 organisation contact per organisation.

Here is how to switch an organisation to a person contact:

  1. Search for the person or organisation profile.
  2. On the profile page click on the settings cog alongside the name.
  3. Click Convert to an organisation contact or Convert to a person contact depending on which way you are switching.
  4. Complete the relevant fields you are prompted to complete.
  5. Click Save.