People and Advanced Search

Advanced Search is a powerful infoodle tool to allow searches for multiple people under certain criteria. There may be times when you need to do some updates to a number of people e.g. change those people who are 'new members' to 'members', or you may need to archive a number of people. This is achieved by using the advanced search.

So, to search for people using specific filters:

  1. Click People from the Navigation bar/menu then click Advanced Search.
  2. Choose a filter from the drop down list and click on Run Filter. A list of results will appear, it is then possible to click on a persons profile which will open underneath your report so you can make the necessary checks/updates.
  3. If you need to create a new filter select Create new filter and click Add Criteria to add multiple filters for a search.
  4. Click Generate to produce a list of all people relevant to the filters, including people who have been archived.

And that's Advanced Search!

Note: In the same way as you can use advanced search to find people, you can use Reports to list everyone. Click Reports, then People, enter criteria - go to Generate results and you can now output the results to the screen or Excel etc. For more info on Reports click here.

Video: Check out the short video explanation of this topic here.