Event Planning

Event planning provides functionality to help coordinate an event. Individuals or groups can be made Responsible for an event. They are considered the 'go to' people for an event.

  1. To plan an event, locate the event to plan. Make sure you are in List View not Calendar View. Click the Calendar Icon to plan the event.
  2. Planning Notes: Enter any notes concerning the entire event. You may want to include a simple summary of what will happen during the event or any special features. This information is shown in the information regarding the event on the event page, and also on the rostering page.
  3. Message: Sends a quick message to the Organisers of the event. This allows a planner to coordinate with the person handling the roster.
  4. Rosters: Lists all of the groups that have been selected for rostering.
  5. Statistics: Can be used to enter Attendance for the event.

And that's event planning!

Note: Check out Attendance for more information.