Group Attendance

If you would like to keep track of attendance this can be done manually via Groups. It's quite easy and you don't need to have the Events package.

  • Use the checkin system. A separate system which integrates with infoodle or
  • Set up manual attendance tracking


Manual Attendance Tracking:

  1. You will need to create a group you want to mark attendance on. Click here to see how to create a group.
  2. Go to the group page and click on the Attendance Button.
  3. Click on Add and enter the date and other details of the event, including any volunteer hours and tasks. If a person attends then their volunteer hours and tasks will appear on reports relating to them and volunteer hours. Remember to Save.
  4. Click on the Pencil icon. Now you can select who is in attendance. You can even add extra visitors.

Infoodle displays up to 5 event attendance records at a time. Click on More to view others.


Reporting on Attendance:


Once you have manually entered all your Group Attendance, you can review this information in three ways:

  1. View the Groups > Attendance function - the same place as you add and manage the Attendance as above
  2. You can generate an Attendance Report
  3. You can go to a specific individual's profile


To view the attendance for a specific individual:

  1. Navigate to their profile
  2. Click the Settings Cog Icon next to their name
  3. Click 'Events Attended'

2020-09-09 14_38_30-People _ infoodle _ infoodle.png

This will then show you a breakdown of the Events this individual as attended specifically:

2020-09-09 15_09_40-People _ infoodle _ infoodle.png


Note: An alternative method for tracking attendance is to use the check in system. This is a separate system which integrates with infoodle for automated recording of attendance. More information here.