Adding membership information fields to groups or tabs

You may also want to display the membership info in other places like groups or tabs. Here's how:

Adding custom fields to groups

You can create a group for each tier (or membership type) so for e.g. all tier 1 members are added to tier 1 group etc. You can also add custom fields with information ie. are they an active member yes or no? Click here for more info.

Adding custom fields to tabs

You are also able to have fields regarding memberships either on the initial profile page or behind a tab. Click here for more info.


These fields can be added to and edited from the profile page.

Run reports

You will be able to run reports on these fields as well as on the finance fields. If you add a membership end date you can run a report on who's membership will end this month and send invoices to them.


You could also set up a workflow so that when you add a person to a group, lets say tier 1, (this is the trigger) then the next step will be automatically added- to add a to do (task reminder) to send invoice in 1 year (this is a reminder to send the invoice from xero which at the moment needs to be done manually).

To do's or Task reminders

You could just manually create a to do (reminder) that in 1 year you send out an invoice.