Updating an Ezidebit donors credit card details.

You can now send a link to a donor who needs to update their bank and/or credit card details that ezidebit hold on file for them - e.g. when their card expires, or they want to change bank account.

There are 2 places to access this assuming that the person has a recurring payment. If its just a one off payment then its not available (as the details are not stored with ezidebit).

1. Click Finance | Payment methods - choose Payers on the ezidebit payment method. Click View beside the form you want to send an update for.

2. Click Finance | Recurring income - click the date (or the icon on the right) to get to the details of the recurring income

When you click either button - it takes you to the infoodle contact screen to send an email. The email includes the persons details already selected, a sample text in the emails and a link.

You can review the output of this link if you want by clicking the update card details and then clicking the highlighted 'link' icon and then copy the entire link

The customer sees something like this. (the logo will be your logo, not the infoodle one)