Deleting a receipt

There are times when you realise that you have made a mistake on a printed(generated) receipt or incorrectly allocated a transaction to an incorrect account code, campaign, person, etc or even if you have issued a receipt in one persons name but they wish to have the receipt in both husband and wife's name. There are a couple of steps to rectify this:
Step 1 - Delete the current printed (or generated) receipt,
Step 2 - Correct the mistake in the transaction,
Step 3 - Re-receipt or receipt the new corrected transaction.
If you have emailed a correctly allocated receipt to the incorrect email address then you do not need to delete and re-receipt but simply go to edit a printed receipt to see how to rectify this.

Follow these steps to correct a receipt mistake:

  1. Search for the printed receipt.

  2. Click Delete alongside the receipt that you wish to delete.
  3. Click OK after reading the warning to continue or click Cancel.

  4. Now you will need to edit the transaction to correct any of the incorrect allocations or delete the transaction if it was perhaps a duplicate. If you integrate with Xero then instead of deleting the transaction, on the Reconcile screen you can click Don't import.
  5. Now you can generate a new receipt for the corrected transaction.

That is now done, receipt corrected.

Note: If the mistake that you made was to select to only receipt one individual and not e.g. husband and wife then you will need to edit the transaction appropriately and make sure that the couple have been issued joint giving numbers in order to receipt them together.