Those fields being used as 'Connections' fields have had an upgrade. They can be used in infoodle as a standard custom field, and also as a Connections field which allows you to create connections between contacts. There are changes in the reports area:

- Criteria. If you choose a field to be a criteria then you will see the field and also another field with the same name but with (Connection) on the end. These allow you to choose how you want to filter the data, based on the custom field or based on the connections data.

- Select fields. You will now see two additional fields for each connection field.

a) (Connection - All Connections). This will show the list of all the connections the contact has.

b) (Connection limit by criteria). If you have used the Criteria to find the data you want on a connection field, then this will return the connections just for the data that matches the criteria.


We've added 4 new fields to the letter personalisations. 

- middle name

- gender (if you have gender enabled in your system)

- agetoday : to show the age as it does on the persons profile page beside date of birth

- date_of_birth 

Added 22nd


Significant Update

We've talked about it alot - but we have now completed the upgrade to infoodle. Some of the highlights are as follows:


We have rebuild all of our email processing screens and behind the scenes systems. This has brought massive benefits to you. You can now create beautiful emails within infoodle quickly and easily. This should improve the engagement you get with your community and make your emailing more enjoyable.

This also brings additional benefits in other places.

    - Workflow. Emails can include attachments
    - Scale, Speed and Efficiency. You can send thousands of emails in just a few minutes
    - Tracking. All your opens, clicks, failures are tracked and showed clearly within infoodle. You can also create follow up groups and emailing to those with specific actions.
    - Built in subscribe and unsubscribes. These are included for you and now enable your community to select what types of communications the do and do not want to receive from you.
    - Editing emails. There were limits on the emails you could edit, now emails sent through infoodle by you can be edited
    - Select people by reports. On the screen where you select who to send emails to, you can use a report you have saved previously.
    - Person profile, email address. An email address that is partially or fully unsubscribed is highlighted. You can also click on the wrench beside it to see more information about why its in the state - and change it if need be.

Features for when you out of the office

Many of you do not work every day, you can now tell infoodle which days you work which will stop your reminder emails arriving on those days. You can also setup an out of office for longer breaks from work.

New Password reminders

For better privacy, you are sent an email with a password setup link.


We have introduced a "Form Page Break" field. By simply dragging this onto your form you can break a long form into 1 or more pages. You can also route a user through your form based on answers to questions - conditional fields.

Updated 10th

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