About Custom Fields
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About Custom Fields

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What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields are one of the many great features of infoodle. They provide the ability to add fields to a person record, Household or Organisation, or group that stores relevant information.

With the use of contact types, you can also manage what tabs and fields to utilise for the different types of contacts stored in your database.

Is there the need to store and record specific information such as: What category does a person fit into? Are they a Member, Donor, Staff, or Volunteer?

Do you need to record how they came in contact with your organisation - website, referral, phone call, or email?

Or do you want to store a particular date such as: initial contact, expiry dates, membership dates, follow up dates, etc?

Custom Fields are how you extend what infoodle initially provides, allowing you to capture all the information you organisation requires.

Custom Fields

The Custom Fields options are accessed via the Administration menu.


The Custom Field menu consists of four areas: People, Household or Organisation, Groups and Connections.


If your site has Organisation View enabled, the options in the image above will reference Organisation as opposed to Household.

Articles on the management of Custom Fields





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