Year end

infoodle does not have a year end process in the same way that an accounting system does. It does have a setting in the Administration / System / Finance area to set when your financial year starts, but this is purely so that you can filter transactions on various screens and it performs no accounting function.

However, many organisations produce their receipts (also referred to as contribution summaries/statements in some countries) at the end of their year. (Click here for the distinction between receipts and statements in infoodle). This page gives you some tips on things to review prior to issuing those receipts:

1. Has everything been setup for receipting?
Before generating receipts make sure that you have read through the Checks prior to receipting information.

2. Have all your forms been processed? Make sure that all your forms with transactions/payments have been approved and processed. The transactions will not show in the receipt screen or in the contacts profile until they have come into infoodle via Xero or the bank statement import and been reconciled in infoodle. If you are not linking infoodle to Xero or importing bank statements then the transactions will show on the profile when you mark the form as paid when adding the transaction manually.

3. Have all your transactions been reconciled? Make sure that all your transactions that have been imported (via Xero or bank statement import) have been reconciled in infoodle to the correct contact. If you are entering your transactions manually then they will have been reconciled when added. Only transactions that have been reconciled will be waiting in the receipt screen for the receipts to be generated.

4. Check your numbers match your accounting system.
a) Check if there have been any transactions that have changed in Xero and need to be changed in infoodle. Go to the Transaction Status report and click on the Limit list to just those with updates available. You can then unreconcile them, refresh and re-import these items so that your infoodle and xero match. Click here for more detailed instructions on running this report.
b) Another way to check that your numbers match your accounting system is to run one or all of the
Finance reports.

5. Check the right people have the right amounts
You can run a People Finance report to view a list of people and the amounts they have given during the year. This is a useful report to run as one of your year end checks to make sure that the individuals totals are correct as well as that all the information you need for receipting e.g. Giving number, household names, etc are in infoodle and in the right places.

6. Giving numbers
If you wish to combine finances from people in the same household, you need to ensure they share giving numbers. These can be included on the report generated in point 2 above by including the Giving number option as shown. Check the current giving numbers and use that screen to add/update giving numbers.

7. Receipt or statement templates
Check to ensure you have a receipt or statement template setup that looks how you want it. If you are going to email them, ensure that it has all the info you need such as charity number, name of organisation etc.

8. Email receipt
If you wish to email some or all of the receipts:
a) Check that you have an email template as well as a receipt template. This will be the email that is sent out and gives the unique link for the user to click and download their receipt. The email template must have the personalisation {receipt link} in it somewhere! Click here for more information.
b) Check you have the correct email address for each individual.

9. Check the receipts are issued to the individual or household or organisation.
Click Finance and then Receipts. Listed will be all the receipts you are due to issue. Ensure that the Receipt to column shows the names you expect. If some are blank, it is likely that you have set the transactions to be issued to the household but don't have a household name. Either add a household or organisation name, or click Details and change the Receipt to to Individual.

You are now ready to generate the receipts.