Email response

So you've built your form and applied the Form Settings, now you need to create an email response that will be sent out to the user completing the form. Click on the Email tab and check out the information below which relates to the Email screen.

Use this screen to create the email that the user will be sent once they have completed the form.

Complete the screen above so that you can reply to the user submitting the form with content from their form.

When a form includes an email address, you can opt to make this an 'address to send submitters email' email address, i.e. you can send a message back to this email address. Previously the email was very static but it can now contain any of the data on the form.

Important to note about setting up this Email Response is that a repeating block can only occur once on the email.

Here's how:

  1. Select an email Template to base your new email on (if you have one setup in the email content area). This is optional.
  2. Set who the email is coming from in the From name field.
  3. Enter the From email address.
  4. Set the Design to use (if you have one setup in the email content area). This is optional.
  5. Enter an Email Subject.
  6. One email will be sent to the first "Active" email address. This means one email will be sent to the email address on the form and if there are multiple email addresses then it will send it to the first email address. The name addressed will be the one that is associated with the first email address sent to.
  7. Build the content of the email. On the left is the list of fields that are taken from the form. Click on the email where you want the content and then click on the field you want to add there.

One more step and that is the publishing of the form.

Note: If you are allowing more than one person to register per form by using the Repeating people block then note that only one email response will be sent to the first Active email address. Active email address means that the first one on the form that has the Active email address? box ticked in the Build form screen (see screenshot below).