Individuals Finance Activity

On the finance tab of the persons profile page, there are additional tabs with finance information for the individual. They show the individuals finance Activity, Pledges, Giving number and Donor Analysis. To view these Finance tabs click on the cog menu to the left of the persons name and then click Finance.


This screen displays a list of the individuals transactions and whether they have been receipted or not. Click Show Voided receipts to view all the voided receipts for this person which gives you the option to download the voided receipt if you wish to do so.

You can also export the transactions to PDF, CSV or Excel file by clicking EXPORT.

If the transactions have been allocated to the incorrect person you can click on the MOVE TO ANOTHER CONTACT to allocate them to someone else. Note: this function will move all the transactions and not an individual transaction. To move an individual transaction go the Transaction Find function to find it and edit it to reconcile the individual transaction to another person.


This screen includes Pledge data that appears via a form or manually added/edited/deleted on this page, as well as some filters so you can view those people who have missed regular payments.

Go to Pledges and recurring payments for more information.

Giving number

This screen shows if and who a giving number is shared with. You can click on the link to view their profile or change between issuing split or combined receipts for the people with shared giving numbers. Go to Giving Numbers for more information.

Donor Analysis

There are 2 purposes for this screen:

a) for donors, it shows your regular donations graphically, totals donated and whether they are missing.

b) for those receiving income, it shows the people who are giving your income, i.e. who your regular donors are.

More information on the donor analysis is found here.