Setup check in logins

The check in system in infoodle runs directly from your site and as such people who do check in's need to log into infoodle. However, these logins don't need the functionality that a regular user needs - and the username and password typically needs to be shared with other people. For this reason they are classed as special logins. So how do we set them up?

To set up check in logins:

  1. Click Administration on the Navigation Menu.
  2. Click Online check in settings.
  3. Click Add Check in user.
  4. Type in a login name. When creating these users, remember they need to be memorable - but also secure, as it is another gateway into your data - albeit limited.
  5. Type in a password. Note that there is a 'strength' metre to give you an indication of how good your password is. Make it as strong as is helpful. You can save weaker passwords, but stronger is better. Note also that these passwords are visible as you type them - so you can be sure you have it correct. Once saved, you cannot retrieve them - only reset them.
  6. Confirm the password.
  7. Click the Choose button to select the groups that this user can check in. As a way of ensuring privacy and reducing errors or confusion at check in, you need to identify the groups that this check in user is allowed to check in. If you have children's groups and adult groups, you may very well have a login for the children and a different login for the adults. You can of course have one login for all check ins - it's up to you what works in your environment. Either way - you must select at least one group that this user can check in. Note: The groups selected here, MUST be the same groups that are INVITEES for an event. It's these invitees that are available for check in.
  8. Click Save.

Note: To be able to set up check in logins you need "Create account and roles" permission in your role. Check with your infoodle administrator if you're not sure you have this permission.

Note: If you need to Edit or Delete a user's login details click Administration / Online check in settings and click Edit to the right of the users name. From here you are able to make changes to the login details, remembering to click Save when finished or you can click the Delete button to remove this check in login.