What is a Check In System?

A check in system enables you to allow people who are attending your events to register themselves as present, provide them with labels, and the parents to have security labels for their children. From your perspective it provides attendance and roll reports suitable for your fire procedures as well as listing peoples allergies and pager numbers, if applicable, along with other custom field data you hold. If you have the Events Package you will be able to set up a check in system!

This system operates on your own equipment and often means you don't need to purchase additional equipment.

The requirements page describes the way this check in system operates and the hardware that is required.

Note that it is optional to have labels printed - in which case the check in can be operated from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Setup install and test label server page describes how to configure the label server software.

The labels setup page describes setting up of the label formats.

Once installed and tested - you can use the check in terminals.

The admin guide gives you information on how it works on a day-to-day basis. This is a word document, so you are able to use this as a starting point and personalise it for your own usage.

Download the guide