How to perform specific tasks in infoodle

All task descriptions assume you have logged in, and that are starting from the first page or dashboard.

Changing my username and password

Create a member

  • From the top right of the screen there is a + icon, click that and ‘Add people or households’
  • Enter name details and click Address at the bottom
  • Enter address details (or tick unknown) and click Save

Add a family member

  • Search for the existing family member using the search box at the top of the screen (or the person you just added will be listed on the ‘most recently used’ list shown at the top of the screen, so click that)
  • Click ‘Add new member’ from button in household details
  • Enter name details
  • Click Save

Create a small group and add a member

  • From the top right of the screen there is a + icon, click that and ‘Add a group’
  • Enter group name and click ‘save’. You are added by default (untick if you don’t want to be)
  • Click ‘add a member’ on this group screen and search for members names. Click ‘view only’ as the permission and then save.

Remove a person from the database

Infoodle encourages you to Archive people rather than delete. When you delete a person all of the history for that person is also deleted and this data can't be recovered. Due to the person's history being deleted, they will no longer appear in any reports. If you are sure that you still want to remove them from the database then click here to find the steps.

Take attendance for a group

  • Click ‘groups’ on the left
  • Click the group name you want to add attendance for
  • Click ‘attendance’
  • Click ‘add’ to add an event
  • Enter the date – a title and Save
  • Click the ‘pencil’ icon to edit the created event
  • Click the people who have attended

Schedule a worship service

If you want to create a roster….

  • Click Rosters
  • Click Add
  • Enter the first and last date for the rosters (can be the same date for 1 event)
  • Enter any details for the event
  • Search for the group (or groups if you have created more) to add
  • Click ‘create roster’
  • On the roster screen – you have ‘Position 1’. You need to create as many positions as you need to fill (singer, bass, guitar etc.) Click the + below to add more and edit the names as you need.
  • For each date of event there is a column and a list of +’s below. Click the +, then from the now revealed left menu with a list of people in that group, click the name to go in that slot.
  • Repeat the above step for each person and slot required.
  • You can now download or email this roster by clicking ‘Roster’ on the left hand panel and then the appropriate menu item.
  • If you need to setup reminders, then clicking the ‘group’ from the left hand panel and choose ‘settings’ (or click the triangle in the coloured group header to get to this screen too)

If you just want to create an event

  • Click + top right of the screen and Add Event.
  • Enter the Title, click dates
  • Enter the date and time, click location
  • Click the auditorium, click save

Record a donation

There are several ways to achieve this but here are 2

Quickest way: Reconcile a transaction in (online accounting system not associated with infoodle but we are an add-on partner). This will now automatically bring that transaction down to infoodle and connect to the individual with no further user interaction – 0 clicks!

Manual way:

  • Click Finance
  • Click ‘Transactions’, click ‘Add a transaction’
  • Click ‘Create new’ (to create a new batch), enter details and Save to save the batch name
  • Enter the details required on the form, then ‘save transaction’.

Run a membership report

To produce a directory report

  • Click Reports
  • Click ‘printed directory’
  • Click ‘Generate’

To produce a list of people in a specific group

  • Click Reports
  • Click ‘People’
  • Click Add criteria
  • Choose ‘group’ from the criteria drop down
  • Click ‘generate results’
  • Click ‘Show’ (or download if you want)